Tulsa Firefighter A.J. Morrison's Quick Thinking Saves A Life

AJ Morrison's preparation and dedication to readiness

  • AJ Morrison checks all his gear before every shift, including boots, gloves, uniform, air tank, helmet, and mask, ensuring a good seal.
  • He practices this routine every day, regardless of being on or off duty.
  • His attention to detail and dedication to readiness are crucial aspects of his role as a firefighter.

AJ Morrison's quick response to the incident

  • AJ was off duty when he noticed black smoke and acted swiftly, despite not being in his protective gear.
  • He relied on his training and instinct to approach the fire cautiously.
  • AJ got low to the ground and found an unconscious man in a wheelchair behind the front door.

AJ Morrison's humility and view on heroism

  • AJ does not consider himself a hero and believes he did what any Tulsa firefighter would have done.
  • His mindset of serving others brings him happiness, seeing himself as a servant on Earth to help people.
  • He attributes his actions to divine intervention and carrying out God's will.

Recognition and honor for AJ Morrison's actions

  • AJ was formally honored and recognized by the Tulsa city council for his quick thinking and selfless actions.
  • The incident exemplified AJ's dedication to his role as a firefighter.
  • The recognition highlights the impact of his actions on the community, and AJ is grateful for being at the right place at the right time.

AJ Morrison's belief in fulfilling his purpose

  • AJ believes he was put on Earth to serve others and sees his physical body as a vessel to carry out God's will.
  • Saving lives and making a difference bring him fulfillment.
  • His purpose aligns with his role as a firefighter, and he remains committed to serving and helping people in extreme situations.