Tara Douglas-Franklin Overcomes Cancer And Dedicates Her Career To Research

Tara's Cancer Diagnosis and Support System

  • Tara received a diagnosis of early stage breast cancer during a doctor's appointment.
  • The doctor informed her that a biopsy was needed to confirm the stage.
  • Tara's initial response was to ask about her next steps in the healing process.
  • She established a support system consisting of her parents, sisters, children, and boyfriend.
  • Tara also found guidance and support from her church and pastor.

Tara's Decision to Continue Pregnancy and Healthy Baby

  • Tara faced the difficult choice of terminating her pregnancy due to hormonal cancer.
  • She believed that if God had given her an early diagnosis, he had also given her another life.
  • Tara decided to continue her pregnancy, which proved to be the right choice.
  • She gave birth to a healthy baby girl.
  • Both Tara and her daughter are now thriving.

Support from Susan G. Komen Foundation and Pink Walk Event

  • Tara received support from the Susan G. Komen foundation.
  • The foundation played a significant role in Tara's healing journey.
  • Tara will celebrate with other survivors from the Atlanta area at the Pink Walk event.
  • The event allows survivors, thrivers, and their families to come together as a community.
  • It provides an opportunity to share stories and find encouragement from others who have been through similar situations.

Feeling a Sense of Belonging and Impact of Susan G. Komen Foundation

  • Tara emphasizes the importance of being a part of something during a cancer diagnosis.
  • She felt alone initially, surrounded by people who didn't understand her internal struggles.
  • The Susan G. Komen foundation and the Pink Walk made her feel connected and supported.
  • Tara sought more support groups to be a part of, inspired by the sense of belonging she found.
  • She appreciates the impact that the foundation has had in creating massive undertakings to help millions of women.

Tara's Dedication to Breast Cancer Research and Career Goals

  • Tara is pursuing a doctorate in health science to advance her career in biology research.
  • She aims to assist in preventing, detecting, and finding solutions to prevent breast cancer.
  • Tara is dedicated to making a difference in the field of cancer research.
  • She sees her own experience as a driving force behind her passion for finding solutions.
  • Tara's ultimate goal is to contribute to the prevention and treatment of breast cancer.