Their Experiences. Their Challenges. Their Sacrifices For Freedom.

Memorial Day is a somber recognition of those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our country. The emotionally gripping Everyday Heroes Memorial Day special offers an opportunity to see who some of these brave individuals were and understand the motivation behind their desire to serve. We’ll reflect on heroes like Pat Tillman who gave up a promising football career to serve, and whose legacy continues to be one of Honor.

The Everyday Heroes Series

Everyday Heroes is a comprehensive veteran support platform featuring the heroic accomplishments and sacrifices of the United States Armed Forces personnel. The platform consists of numerous national TV specials that air around Black History Month, Memorial Day, Independence Day and Veterans Day along with weekly content that is distributed through various social media outlets. In 2022, we expand on the content to also honor those who have risen to challenges never before seen in our communities, and who have become... "Everyday Heroes".

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