A Look Back At The Beirut Bombing

The Beirut Bombing and its Impact

  • Occurred on October 23rd, 1983
  • 241 American servicemen died in the bombing
  • Carried out by an Iranian National
  • Largest loss of life for the Marine Corps since Iwo Jima in 1945
  • Marine Corporal Mott Camera was one of the victims

Alisa Camera's Reaction and Loss

  • Alisa Camera's brother, Marine Corporal Mott Camera, was killed in the bombing
  • Alisa received the news from home about her brother's death
  • The loss of her brother was devastating and life-changing
  • Alisa was shocked to learn that her brother was killed by a terrorist bomber
  • The loss of her brother motivated her to take action

The Creation of the American Brother Foundation

  • Alisa Camera founded the American Brother Foundation
  • The foundation is a nonprofit organization
  • Its purpose is to provide scholarships to children of military families
  • Alisa recognized the need for support in military families
  • The foundation honors Marine Corporal Mott Camera's memory

Remembering Marine Corporal Mott Camera

  • Alisa Camera carries on her brother's memory
  • Marine Corporal Mott Camera served his country with courage and honor
  • He sacrificed his life for the freedom of the country he loved
  • Alisa wants her brother to be remembered as someone who loved and died for their country
  • She emphasizes the importance of remembering his service and dedication

The Documentary and Keeping the Memory Alive

  • The American Brother Foundation is producing a documentary
  • The documentary focuses on the Marines in Beirut from 1982 to 1984
  • Alisa Camera aims to preserve the memory of the Marines' service
  • The documentary aims to educate and raise awareness about their experiences
  • Keeping the memory alive ensures their sacrifice is not forgotten.

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