Whispering Winds Provides A Place Of Refuge For Those With Special Needs

Whispering Winds Camp and Conference Center

  • Located in the Laguna Mountains, an hour's drive east of America's Finest City
  • Offers a unique Family Camp experience for families with children with special needs
  • Celebrating its 10th year
  • Founded by Stephanie Kiesel, a lawyer who saw the challenges faced by families with special needs children

Impact on Families

  • Provides a chance for families to have recreation and be part of a community
  • Allows families to create traditions and make memories
  • Gives parents a break and the opportunity to have a date night
  • Offers a safe and understanding environment for special campers
  • Helps families feel supported and understood

Special Buddies

  • Dozens of volunteers who dedicate their time to ensure families have a memorable experience
  • Families who have never allowed anyone outside of their family to care for their special camper now entrust them to the special buddies
  • Special buddies play a crucial role in meeting the needs of the special campers
  • Stephanie's vision of special buddies has been well-received by many families
  • The need for special buddies is growing as the program expands

Personal Stories

  • David and Claudia Ayala have made the Special Needs Family Camp a tradition for their son Josh
  • Andy Finch and her family have embraced the joy of being special buddies
  • Stevenson and Andy have developed a special bond over the years
  • Nikki Kojis and her family have found a second family at the camp
  • Live music is a favorite activity for Josh and brings joy to the campers

The Power of Camp

  • Whispering Winds provides a place of refuge and acceptance for those with special needs
  • Allows special needs kids to express themselves through dancing and singing
  • Campers feel embraced and loved by the camp community
  • Provides an opportunity for families to connect with others who understand their journey
  • Camp has a profound impact on the lives of both campers and volunteers