The Story Of Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor attack

  • Occurred on December 7th, 1941
  • President Franklin D. Roosevelt addressed Congress
  • Galvanized the American people
  • Lasted just over an hour
  • Resulted in the loss of 2,403 service members

American heroism

  • Sailors at Pearl Harbor improvised and fought back
  • Enlisted and commissioned officers showed great bravery
  • Numerous examples of heroism
  • Bob Batterson, a survivor, carries on the legacy
  • Remembering those who gave their lives for their country

Legacy and remembrance

  • Pearl Harbor attracts 1.8 million visitors annually
  • Popular destination within the Hawaiian islands
  • People from around the world pay their respects
  • Fallen heroes from the greatest Generation
  • Pearl Harbor represents a significant time period in American history

Impact on the nation

  • Pearl Harbor propelled the United States into World War II
  • America emerged as a powerful nation after the war
  • World War II allowed America to become what it is today
  • The war marked a turning point for the nation
  • The conflict shaped the identity of the United States

Importance of unity

  • Pearl Harbor serves as a reminder of the need for unity
  • Bob Batterson hopes for a united country
  • The sacrifices of those who died should not be forgotten
  • The nation has changed since the time of the attack
  • The importance of preserving the legacy of Pearl Harbor

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