The Story Of Gridiron Heroes

Veterans who played in the NFL

  • Roger Staubach and Rocky Bleier served in the Vietnam War and played in the NFL.
  • They were recognized for their achievements in the NFL.
  • They experienced poor treatment as veterans from the Vietnam era.
  • They show appreciation for veterans from recent wars.
  • They are proud of their service and the military.

Roger Staubach's perspective

  • Staubach feels proud to be accepted as a fraternity brother in the services.
  • He appreciates the commitments and sacrifices made by the military.
  • He is proud of the military and what they do for the country.
  • He emphasizes the importance of appreciating the military's efforts.
  • He values the lessons learned from military service.

Rocky Bleier's perspective

  • Bleier is often asked about his experience in combat.
  • He acknowledges the lack of reference to combat experiences in popular sports.
  • He reflects on the prayers to come back from war and living with scars.
  • He sees military service as a foundation and a unique experience.
  • He highlights the lessons learned from military service.

Chad Hennings' journey

  • Hennings was part of three Super Bowl championship teams with the Dallas Cowboys.
  • He graduated from the Air Force Academy and served in the Persian Gulf.
  • Flying dangerous missions over Northern Iraq prepared him for football and life.
  • He takes pride in being a former Air Force fighter pilot who played in the NFL.
  • He values the opportunity to serve and pursue his childhood dream.

Pat Tillman's legacy

  • Tillman played for the Arizona Cardinals but left the NFL to serve in the Army.
  • He served in Iraq and Afghanistan and was tragically killed in combat.
  • His legacy is honored annually at the ESPY Awards with the Pat Tillman Award.
  • The award recognizes individuals who have served others and have a connection to sports.
  • Tillman's decision to prioritize service over materialism is a testament to his character.