Iwo Jima Survivor Don Graves, A Living Legend

The Battle of Iwo Jima

  • One of the fiercest battles in US history
  • Fought on the island of Iwo Jima
  • Took place on February 23rd, 1944
  • Lasted for 3 days
  • Resulted in the raising of the American flag

Don Graves' Experience in the War

  • Don Graves is a retired Corporal
  • Served in the fifth Marine Division
  • Was one of the few survivors from his division
  • Started with 335 men, only 18 survived
  • Faced enemy fire and crawled towards them

Life after the War

  • Don Graves struggled to adapt to civilian life
  • Experienced trauma and emotional pain
  • Had a conversation with his landlord that changed his life
  • Realized he needed help and healing
  • Found solace in religious faith

Don Graves' Career in the Ministry

  • Inspired by a forgotten memory from the war
  • Pursued a career in the ministry
  • Became a pastor of multiple churches
  • Served for 32 years
  • Retired at the age of 82

Recognition and Legacy

  • Don Graves was honored at Texas Motor Speedway
  • Recognized by drivers in the NASCAR Cup series
  • Received a standing ovation
  • Known for singing 'God Bless America'
  • A proud member of the Greatest Generation

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