The Story of Coaches Who Make A Difference

The Coach's Background and Motivation

  • Former Carolina Panther
  • Head coach of the Polytechnic parrots
  • Only 5 playoff appearances since 1923
  • Wants to share his knowledge and love for the game
  • Uses football as a platform to express his faith

Building Trust and Connection

  • Spring without a leader was challenging
  • Players excited to have a high-profile coach
  • Coach Wilson's unconventional methods raised skepticism
  • Players quickly bought into his coaching style
  • Deep gratitude for a coach who chose to help them

Teaching Values and Life Skills

  • Focus on love, discipline, and charity
  • Teaching players to be better husbands, fathers, and citizens
  • Impacting kids in a unique and meaningful way
  • Former Pittsburgh Steeler Donnie Shell as a mentor
  • Paying forward valuable life lessons

Coaching with Love and Purpose

  • Coach Wilson's father taught him to be a professional
  • Coaching style influenced by his father and mentor
  • Motivated by the desire to leave a lasting impact
  • Teaching with love and looking towards the future
  • Wanting to make a difference in players' lives

A Life Well Lived

  • Hoping to share tears of joy and pride in the future
  • Wanting to leave a legacy for his daughter
  • Seeing the impact of his coaching on players' lives
  • Believing that coaching is more than just football
  • Aspiring to be a good and Godly man