Buffalo Bills Trainer Denny Kellington's Life Saving Moment On Monday Night Football

Demar Hamlin's cardiac event and successful recovery

  • Occurred on January 2nd during a game
  • Required immediate medical attention
  • Buffalo Bills training staff and Cincinnati's medical team provided care
  • Successful implementation of emergency action plan
  • Demar Hamlin's return to playing football

Denny Kellington's role as a hero and his background

  • Assistant trainer for the Buffalo Bills
  • Rendered care to Demar Hamlin during the cardiac event
  • Humble response to being called a hero
  • Developed life-saving skills at Oklahoma State University
  • Keynote speaker at the class of 2023 commencement

Importance of training and preparation in emergency situations

  • Training and experience of the medical staff
  • 27 years of emergency action plan training
  • First instance of performing CPR
  • The successful outcome of the emergency situation
  • Relying on training and experience during critical moments

Heroes from all walks of life and their impact

  • Denny Kellington's preference to remain out of the spotlight
  • Recognition for simply doing his job
  • Being remembered for something bigger than football
  • Legacy of being a life-saving hero
  • Pride in the impact made on Demar Hamlin's life

Overwhelming response and gratitude

  • Overwhelming attention received for doing his job
  • Gratitude for the support and recognition received
  • Proud graduate of Oklahoma State University
  • Love for the job and saving lives
  • Celebration of the successful outcome and Demar Hamlin's return to the game