Omaha Police Shop With A Cop Program Helping Children For The Past 3 Decades

Shop with a Cop Program Overview and Community Support

  • Program organized by the Omaha Police Officers Association
  • Provides Christmas shopping experience for children in the community
  • Allows police officers to see Christmas through the eyes of a child
  • Brings joy and unforgettable memories to children in need
  • Supported by the community for the past two decades
  • Program has received tremendous support from the community
  • Allows children who might not have an enjoyable holiday to experience joy
  • Demonstrates the community's investment in making the community better
  • Shows that police officers are just like normal people in uniform
  • Helps overcome the fear and misconception some children have about police officers

Impact on Children

  • Gives children a chance to enjoy the holiday season
  • Allows them to pick out toys, clothes, and gifts for themselves and their family members
  • Provides a positive experience with police officers
  • Helps children see and understand what a hero looks like
  • Shows that police officers care about the community beyond law enforcement

Volunteer Testimonials

  • Police officers have been volunteering for the program for many years
  • One officer has been volunteering for 18 years and considers it their favorite night of the year
  • Officers feel fulfilled and their hearts are filled by the end of the night
  • They enjoy seeing the generosity and excitement of the children
  • The experience brings out the inner child in all of them

Long-lasting Impact

  • Program has been helping children for the past three decades
  • Creates unforgettable memories for children
  • Teaches children the importance of giving back
  • Fosters positive relationships between police officers and the community
  • Contributes to making the community a better place