Dallas Cowboys And The Salvation Army Team To Bring Hope At The Holidays

Importance of the Holiday Season and Red Kettle Campaign

  • The holiday season is the most anticipated time of the year, filled with food, fun, and fellowship.
  • The Salvation Army's Red Kettle Campaign is the largest and longest-running campaign of its kind in the world.
  • The campaign aims to help people help their neighbors and provides support for those in need.
  • Last year, the Salvation Army helped more than 25 million people through the campaign.

The Partnership with the Dallas Cowboys

  • The Dallas Cowboys have been at the forefront of the national Red Kettle Campaign.
  • They have been one of the largest donors, contributing over $3 billion since 1996.
  • The partnership started with a meeting between the Jones family and Steve Rhinaman.
  • The Cowboys deliver Thanksgiving Day meals and understand the value of helping others.
  • The game brings people together and inspires them to help their community.

Tradition and Impact of the Partnership

  • The partnership has created a tradition on Thanksgiving Day, with halftime entertainment featuring beloved figures.
  • Participation from everyone within the Cowboys organization.
  • The program has exceeded expectations and motivates millions of people to help those in need of food, shelter, and Christmas.

The Mission of the Salvation Army

  • The Salvation Army provides food, shelter, and support to millions of people.
  • There has been an increasing demand for help, with a 25 to 50% increase in people seeking assistance.
  • The Salvation Army is working with the Dallas Cowboys to respond to the increased need.
  • Their mission is to inspire communities to help their neighbors and create a better society.

Impact of the Red Kettle Campaign

  • The Red Kettle Campaign is viewed by upwards of 40 million Americans each year.
  • The Salvation Army is the largest direct provider of social services in the US.
  • Thousands of selfless volunteers proudly ring the bell for the campaign.
  • The campaign aims to help people in need and has a significant impact, reaching over 25 million people last year.