The Hallowed Grounds of the Flight 93 Memorial in Stoystown, Pennslyvania

Flight 93 Memorial and Tower of Voices

  • Situated in the rolling hills of southern Pennsylvania
  • Somber reminder of one of the most courageous acts of everyday heroes
  • Final resting place for 40 brave souls
  • Tower of Voices with 40 different chimes symbolizing the passengers and crew members
  • Impressive tower welcomes visitors at the entrance
  • Creates a cacophony of sound in the windy landscape
  • Leaves visitors visibly moved by the experience

Emotional Impact and Similarity to Pentagon Memorial

  • Hard to describe the mix of feelings experienced
  • Magnitude of the crash and emotions of that day
  • Unexpected and solemn experience for visitors
  • Similar to the Pentagon Memorial in terms of solemnity
  • Brings back memories of what happened on that day

Flight 93's Target Destination

  • Flight 93's ultimate destination unknown
  • Direct path to Washington D.C.
  • White House and Capitol Building most probable targets
  • Countless lives saved by quick actions of men and women
  • Technology limitations in 2001 (not everyone had cell phones)

Heroic Actions of Passengers and Crew Members

  • Passengers and crew members took action themselves
  • Unconventional defense of the country
  • Making phone calls to gather information and make decisions
  • Putting democracy into action
  • Strangers coming together to make a difference

Passengers of United 93

  • Individuals who boarded United 93 in Newark, New Jersey
  • People headed on vacations or visiting loved ones

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