Susan G. Komen History & How Science Is Fighting Back Against Breast Cancer

Susan G. Komen History

  • Founded in 1982 by Nancy Brinker in honor of her sister Susan G. Komen
  • Started with humble beginnings, fundraising with only $200 in a shoebox
  • The pink ribbon became the iconic symbol of breast cancer awareness
  • Paula Schneider is the current CEO of Susan G. Komen
  • Susan G. Komen has become a renowned charitable institution worldwide

Impact of Susan G. Komen

  • Susan G. Komen has significantly contributed to improved breast cancer mortality rates
  • Millions of dollars have been raised for breast cancer research
  • Countless lives have been positively impacted by Susan G. Komen's efforts
  • The foundation is committed to ending breast cancer and making a difference
  • Paula Schneider's personal experience with breast cancer drives her dedication to the cause

Benefits of Fundraising

  • Money raised through events like the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure makes a difference in the quality of life for breast cancer patients
  • The funds raised alleviate tremendous emotional and financial burdens for patients and their families
  • Breast cancer disparities among different communities are being addressed through education and support
  • African-American women are more likely to develop aggressive, advanced-stage breast cancer

Ongoing Fight Against Breast Cancer

  • Despite progress, over 40,000 people still die from breast cancer every year
  • The mortality rates have decreased, but there is still work to be done
  • Susan G. Komen encourages people to get involved and help find a cure
  • Breast cancer affects one in eight women, making it a widespread issue
  • The collective strength and determination of the Susan G. Komen community is a testament to their resolve

Importance of Finding a Cure

  • Breast cancer impacts mothers, sisters, family members, and friends
  • Every day, Susan G. Komen is motivated by the people they can help and the research they conduct
  • The organization recognizes the significance and impact of their work
  • The goal is to cure breast cancer and eliminate its devastating effects
  • Susan G. Komen encourages everyone to join the fight and help cure cancer.

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