Rodney Smith Jr., Making A Difference One Lawn At A Time

Rodney Smith's journey and motivation

  • Immigrated from Bermuda
  • Started mowing lawns for free in 2015
  • Helps elderly, disabled, single parents, and veterans
  • Inspired by a random act of kindness
  • Created a grassroots movement

The growth of Rodney's lawn care services

  • Expanded to raising men and women's lawn care services
  • Encourages kids to participate in the 50-yard challenge
  • Epiphany after watching 'The Kindness Diaries'
  • Traveled to all 50 states to mow lawns
  • Goal to make people aware and inspire participation

Rodney's impact on children and communities

  • Received messages from people in Kansas and Ohio
  • Invited kids to participate in the 50-yard challenge
  • Provided brand new mowers as rewards
  • Continues to inspire kids to mow lawns
  • Spreads kindness and community involvement

Funding and support for Rodney's organization

  • No current sponsorships
  • Non-profit organization
  • Relies on support and generosity of others
  • Donations of mowers, weedeaters, and blowers
  • Generous individuals and organizations contribute

Rodney's faith and gratitude

  • Attributes success to a higher power
  • Trusts in God's plan
  • Prays for guidance and provision
  • Appreciates the people who have helped fund the organization
  • Grateful for the opportunity to do what he loves

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