Police Athletic League Changing Lives In Oklahoma City

History and Purpose of the Police Athletic League

  • Inception in 1910
  • Formed to help kids before they get into trouble
  • Major cities across the country continue this program
  • Offers activities from boxing to traditional sports
  • A massive undertaking that is well worth the time and effort

Role and Impact of the Police Athletic League in Oklahoma City

  • Provides a safe place for social, educational, and recreational activities
  • Designed to help kids stay off the streets and reach their full potential
  • Bridges the gap between the community and the police department
  • Gives kids the opportunity to experience something new and gain confidence
  • Shows progress in academics, building pride in their grades

Building Trust and Breaking Barriers through Sports

  • Combined partnership between police and local volunteers
  • Uses sports as a tool to mentor and build trust with kids
  • Allows kids to interact with police officers in a similar setting
  • Breaks down barriers and changes perception of the police
  • Builds relationships and gains trust through sports programs

Incorporating Esports into After School Programs

  • Esports has become a favorite pastime in recent years
  • After school programs incorporate Esports into the experience
  • Provides competitive opportunities and good experiences for kids
  • Adds value to the overall program and engages the participants
  • Shows the adaptability and relevance of the Police Athletic League

Rewarding Results and Life-changing Impact

  • Changes the trajectory of countless lives
  • Provides intervention for at-risk youth
  • Positive environment changes perception of police officers
  • Helps kids break free from a bad path and make positive changes
  • Mentors and teaches life lessons, shaping their future positively

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