Opal Lee Ready For Annual Juneteenth Walk

Opal Lee's Background and Achievements

  • Civil rights activist
  • Educator
  • Mother
  • Honored with a portrait in the Texas Senate
  • Known as the grandmother of Juneteenth

The Significance of Juneteenth

  • Commemorates the emancipation of slaves in Texas
  • Symbolizes the two and a half years it took for slaves to realize their freedom
  • Opal Lee walks two and a half miles to commemorate Juneteenth
  • Juneteenth should be recognized as a national holiday
  • Juneteenth represents freedom for all, not just black people in Texas

Opal Lee's Message to Young People

  • Encourages young people to make a difference
  • Urges individuals to change someone's mind by being a committee of one
  • Acknowledges that change takes time and effort
  • Believes that if people can be taught to hate, they can be taught to love
  • Spreads awareness and advocates for equality and love

Juneteenth Walk and Celebration

  • Opal Lee invites fellow Americans to join the Juneteenth walk
  • The walk is a celebration of freedom
  • Encourages people from coast to coast to participate in their local communities
  • Juneteenth should be celebrated from June 19th to July 4th
  • Opal Lee's mission is to spread awareness and celebrate freedom

Opal Lee's Continuing Journey

  • Opal Lee's extraordinary journey continues
  • Her story will be further explored in the next episode
  • Opal Lee's determination and passion for change
  • Her mission to educate and inspire others
  • The impact of Opal Lee's work on society

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