National Teachers Hall Of Fame Recognizes The Best of American Educators

National Teachers Hall of Fame in Emporia, Kansas

  • Final resting place for outstanding teachers
  • First class of inductees in 1992
  • Five new teachers inducted every year
  • Kareem Neal became the first teacher from Arizona to be honored in 2022
  • Reflects the best in American education

Traits of the best teachers

  • Consistently go above and beyond
  • Connect and bring out the best in students
  • Often humble and modest
  • Bring passion, love, and emotion to their work
  • Contagious enthusiasm and excitement

Calling to be a teacher

  • Many successful teachers feel it was a calling from a young age
  • Teaching is a profession that requires education and training
  • Ignoring research and best practices hinders growth
  • Teaching is an ever-evolving field
  • The calling alone does not make an incredible educator

Evolution of education

  • National Teachers Hall of Fame showcases the evolution of education
  • Exhibits artifacts and learning tools from the past few decades
  • Technology is a tool to enhance teaching, not a replacement
  • Expands the reach and influence of teachers
  • Student engagement and motivation are key outcomes

Impact of teachers on students

  • Teachers shape the future by educating children
  • Recognizing and honoring outstanding teachers is important
  • Teachers have a profound influence on students' lives
  • Hall of Fame celebrates the dedication and commitment of teachers
  • Teachers play a crucial role in society's progress and development

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