Memorial Day Tribute - Matthew Ryan Vandegrift

Vandergrift High School

  • Located half an hour north of Austin
  • Opened in 2009
  • Named after Matthew Ryan Vandergrift, a fallen soldier
  • Unique public school
  • Drew Sanders is the only coach the Vipers have ever had

Matthew Ryan Vandergrift

  • Graduated with honors from Leander High School in 1999
  • Participated in extracurricular sports activities
  • Number seven was retired in his honor
  • Chose to serve in the United States Marine Corps
  • Killed in action in Basra, Iraq in 2008

Impact and Legacy

  • Vandergrift High School is the only school named after a contemporary hero
  • Honoring Matthew Vandergrift is meaningful and significant
  • His sacrifice and honorable life make him a hero
  • Remembered as the best person that many people ever met
  • Drives everyone at the school to be better

Memorial Display

  • Awe-inspiring display of Vandergrift's belongings
  • Stops visitors in their tracks
  • No other school in Texas or elsewhere is named after a contemporary hero
  • Honors and preserves Vandergrift's legacy
  • Reminds everyone of his sacrifice and influence

Memorial Day Tribute

  • Matthew Vandergrift's memory lives on forever
  • Administration dedicated to preserving his legacy
  • Vandergrift will always be remembered on Memorial Day
  • His community continues to honor and remember him
  • School staff and students strive to be better in his honor

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