Medal Of Honor Day

History and Establishment of the Medal of Honor

  • First awarded in 1863
  • President Abraham Lincoln inaugurated the Medal of Honor in 1861
  • Instituted for the Navy and then for the Army
  • Recognized outstanding Deeds of Valor performed during the Civil War
  • Medals awarded in recognition of Deeds of Valor performed during the Andrews raid in Georgia

Criteria and Qualifications for the Medal of Honor

  • Distinguished acts of Valor
  • Risking life above and beyond the Call of Duty
  • Only awarded to individuals
  • Acts of Valor performed in combat and out of combat
  • Recognition for exceptional bravery and selflessness

Significance and Symbolism of the Medal of Honor

  • Considered the greatest individual achievement
  • Shared honor, acknowledging the support of others
  • Represents courage, commitment, and sacrifice
  • Recognizes the love and action of soldiers
  • Drives sacrifice, responsibility, and leadership

Statistics and Numbers of Medal of Honor recipients

  • Less than 22 medals awarded on average per year
  • Over 3,500 individuals have earned the Medal of Honor
  • Approximately 40 million Americans have served in the armed forces since the Civil War
  • A distinction that few will ever know
  • Reflects the exceptional bravery of a select few

Honoring and Remembering Medal of Honor recipients

  • Paying testimony to their deeds of Bravery
  • Recognizing their sacrifice for the country
  • Appreciating the regard and effort behind the recommendation
  • Expressing gratitude and saying thank you
  • Ensuring their deeds inspire future generations

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