Heroes Among Us - Leroy Petry

Leroy Petry's Background and Military Career

  • Born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • Third of five children
  • Energetic and likable as a kid
  • Struggled academically in school
  • Joined the Army in 2001
  • Graduated from Ranger school in Fort Benning, Georgia
  • Deployed eight times to Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Part of a special operations team
  • Experienced a life-changing incident while in Afghanistan

Leroy Petry's Act of Bravery

  • Alerted about a high-value target in their area
  • Noticed a pineapple grenade behind his teammate
  • Instantly recognized it as a threat
  • Reached over and grabbed the grenade
  • Hand was completely severed when it exploded

Recognition and Awards

  • Awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor in 2011
  • Second living soldier from Iraq and Afghanistan Wars to receive the honor
  • Presented the key to a mortgage-free home in 2014
  • Honored at a George Strait concert at A T Stadium
  • Recognized for his courage and bravery

Impact and Support

  • Petry's story inspires others
  • Receives love and support from fellow Americans
  • Petry's family in awe of the support they received
  • Petry's heroism recognized by President Obama
  • Petry's actions highlight the heroism of military personnel

Personal Growth and Transformation

  • Turned his grades and future around
  • Overcame academic struggles
  • Developed into a successful military career
  • Displayed exceptional bravery and selflessness in the face of danger

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