Heather Baker - Surviving And Now Thriving After Cardiac Arrest

The Incident and Immediate Response

  • Heather Baker experienced sudden cardiac arrest at work
  • She collapsed and her heart stopped
  • CPR training played a crucial role in her survival
  • Colleagues quickly recognized the seriousness of the situation
  • The resolve, determination, and teamwork of her colleagues helped stabilize her until paramedics arrived

The Outlook and Recovery

  • Less than 10% of those who experience cardiac arrest outside of a hospital survive
  • Heather was placed into a medically induced coma
  • Family and friends anxiously awaited news of her recovery
  • The joyous news of her recovery brought relief and gratitude
  • Heather still had a road to recovery and ongoing medical care

Becoming a CPR AED Instructor

  • Heather made the conscious decision to become a CPR AED instructor after her cardiac arrest
  • She wanted to educate and prepare others for emergencies
  • Teaching others life-saving techniques is gratifying for her
  • Heather has trained thousands of people in CPR
  • She believes in instilling confidence in others to handle emergencies

Embracing a Second Chance

  • Near-death experiences changed Heather for the better
  • She is grateful for the opportunity to be alive
  • Heather pursued her dreams and obtained her doctorate
  • She chose to give back to others through teaching CPR and chasing her dreams
  • Heather is now the principal at Dorothy Simon Elementary School

Gratitude for Heroes

  • Heather considers her colleagues who responded to her cardiac arrest as heroes
  • They showed up to work and jumped into action
  • Heather will never be able to thank them enough
  • The bond between Heather and her colleagues remains strong
  • She appreciates them more than words can express

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