Food Equality Initiative Opens Doors For Those With Food Allergies

Food Equality Initiative's Background and Mission

  • Founded by Emily Brown in Kansas City, Missouri
  • Started the initiative due to her daughters' severe food allergies
  • Recognized the lack of food pantry support for individuals with food allergies
  • Aimed to provide specialized food for those in need
  • Goal is to eventually have special diet foods covered by insurance

Grassroots Effort and Volunteer Support

  • Food Equality Initiative's success attributed to a grassroots effort
  • Volunteers range from high school students to retired professionals
  • People from all walks of life contribute to the organization
  • Volunteers play a crucial role in supporting the initiative's mission
  • Collaborative efforts from the community have helped the organization thrive

Expansion of Services

  • Initially served the Kansas City area and surrounding counties
  • Grant funding and COVID-19 shutdowns allowed for expansion
  • Fast-tracked the direct-to-client program for nationwide service
  • Clients can now choose and have food shipped directly to their homes
  • Increased accessibility and reach to individuals in need across the country

Ongoing Need and Growth

  • Despite rapid growth in the past eight years, the need for support remains high
  • Food Equality Initiative continues to serve individuals with food allergies
  • Aims to bridge the gap between federal assistance and specialized food needs
  • Organization advocates for insurance coverage of special diet foods
  • Seeks to provide food and education to those in need

Ways to Support Food Equality Initiative

  • Donations can be made online through the organization's website
  • Click on the 'contribute' button to make a donation
  • All donations are safe and secure
  • Supporting the organization helps provide food and education to those in need
  • Encourages community participation in supporting the initiative's work

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