Draw Change Transforming Lives Through Art

Ginny Libado's Journey and Inspiration

  • Ginny Libado immigrated to the United States from Uruguay in the late 1970s.
  • She developed a deep love for art as a child.
  • Ginny started draw change in 2009, motivated by her own experience with the arts.
  • She wanted to create an organization that would reach children who lacked belief in their potential.
  • The organization serves as an outreach to families from low-income areas.

Impact on Children's Lives

  • Draw change provides after-school programs and summer camps.
  • These programs offer an atmosphere of learning and creativity.
  • Children gain a new perspective on life and learn what is possible.
  • They receive much-needed support and encouragement from a caring staff.
  • The creativity and support at draw change have made a difference in the lives of children.

Combining Art and Helping Others

  • After considering a career in Corporate America, Ginny followed her passion for art and helping others.
  • This creative outlet has allowed children to envision a future beyond their current circumstances.
  • Draw change is a play on words, emphasizing the power of drawing to bring about change.
  • The organization sees children for varying lengths of time, from one day to an entire school year.
  • Draw change aims to show children that they are not victims of their circumstances.

Testimonials and Recognition

  • Mary Kay Williams, a regular attendee, praises the impact of draw change on her granddaughter's mindset.
  • Many children will remember the scenes planted at draw change and move forward with a positive mindset.
  • The challenges faced by draw change as a non-profit are outweighed by the payoff.
  • Draw change makes a lasting and permanent change in everyone it touches, from children to parents, caretakers, volunteers, and staff.
  • The organization's impact on individuals keeps Ginny motivated day after day.

Importance and Success of the Organization

  • Draw change is transforming lives through art.
  • The organization provides a creative outlet for children and helps them exercise profitable skills.
  • It empowers children and gives them hope, breaking the cycle of poverty.
  • The impact of draw change is seen in the mindset and future prospects of the children it serves.
  • The organization's mission is to show children that they are not limited by their circumstances.

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