Doris Miller - A Trailblazer In The U.S. Navy

Background of Doris Miller

  • Doris Miller served in the United States Navy as an African-American Seaman
  • He was a messman at the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor
  • Miller was a great High School football star in Waco, Texas
  • In the Navy, he became the champion of boxing at his weight level
  • African-Americans were not allowed to carry guns in the Navy at that time

Pearl Harbor Attack

  • The attack on Pearl Harbor occurred on December 7, 1941
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt declared it a date that will live in infamy
  • Miller was below deck collecting laundry when the attack began
  • The ship's crew was summoned to Battle Stations by alarms
  • Miller took action to protect the ship and shot down at least one Japanese plane

Miller's Heroic Actions

  • Miller dragged the mortally wounded captain to safety
  • He manned an aircraft gun without any training
  • Miller's actions potentially saved hundreds of lives
  • He did the right thing at the right time
  • Miller's heroism went above and beyond the Call of Duty

Doris Miller Memorial Ceremony

  • The Doris Miller Memorial is located in Waco, Texas
  • Recently, residents and others from abroad gathered to honor Miller
  • Miller's great niece attended the ceremony
  • She never met him but heard stories of his heroism
  • The ceremony is held annually to celebrate Miller's legacy

Impact and Legacy

  • Doris Miller is considered an American hero
  • His bravery helped the nation during a critical moment in history
  • Miller's actions challenged racial barriers in the Navy
  • His story continues to inspire and be celebrated
  • Miller's strength and adrenaline played a crucial role in his heroic actions

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