Cardiac Crusade On A Lifesaving Mission

Foreign Cardiac Arrest and its Impact

  • Affects over a quarter of a million people annually
  • Fatal in 90% of cases
  • Serious global health issue
  • Requires immediate medical attention
  • Can result in death if not treated promptly

Julie Kuhn's Experience and Survival

  • Survived a cardiac arrest incident
  • Volunteering at a high school event
  • Suddenly collapsed and became unconscious
  • Prompt emergency response saved her life
  • Transported to a nearby hospital for treatment

Cardiac Crusade's Goals and Mission

  • Non-profit organization founded by Julie and her husband
  • Aims to raise awareness about cardiac arrest
  • Educates communities about CPR and AED usage
  • Advocates for the placement of AEDs in areas of need
  • Strives to prevent unnecessary deaths from cardiac arrest
  • Committed to saving lives through Cardiac Crusade
  • Inspired by the heroes who saved her life

Importance of AEDs and their Role in Saving Lives

  • AED stands for Automated External Defibrillator
  • Critical in restarting the heart during cardiac arrest
  • Can be life-saving when EMS is far away
  • Lack of AEDs in certain areas can be problematic
  • Cardiac Crusade seeks to address this issue by providing AEDs

Julie's Mission and Efforts

  • Raises funds to purchase AEDs for communities in need
  • Advocates for CPR and AED training programs
  • Aims to create a network of AEDs to increase survival rates

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