9/11 NYC Firefighter Stephen Siller & the Story of Tunnel to Towers

Stephen Siller's Background and Motivation:

  • Stephen Siller was the youngest of seven siblings.
  • Raised by older brothers after their father's death.
  • Attracted to a life of service due to his family's influence.
  • Worked as a firefighter in Squad 1 in Brooklyn.
  • Stephen's dedication to helping others led him to respond to the 9/11 attacks.

Stephen Siller's Heroic Actions on 9/11:

  • Stephen finished his night tour and was on his way home.
  • Upon hearing about the attacks, he returned to his firehouse.
  • Stephen drove to the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel, near Ground Zero.
  • He ran through the tunnel, which was nearly two miles long.
  • Stephen was last seen heading into the South Tower, where his entire squad perished.

The Creation of the Tunnel to Towers Run:

  • Stephen's friend, Billy Codd, suggested organizing a run in honor of Stephen.
  • The idea of running through the tunnel, like Stephen did, was embraced.
  • Frank Siller, Stephen's brother, faced challenges in obtaining the necessary permissions.
  • The streets and tunnel were eventually closed for the inaugural run in 2002.
  • The event has grown significantly over the years, with thousands of participants expected.

Impact of the Tunnel to Towers Foundation:

  • The Tunnel to Towers Foundation was established to honor Stephen's sacrifice.
  • The foundation provides mortgage-free homes for fallen first responders.
  • It organizes events such as golf outings to support the families of heroes.
  • The annual 5K run has become a significant and emotional event.
  • Tunnel to Towers has impacted the lives of thousands since its inception.

Stephen Siller's Legacy as a Hero:

  • Stephen Siller is remembered as a hero for sacrificing his life on 9/11.
  • The Tunnel to Towers run serves as a way to honor his memory.
  • The event attracts participants from various backgrounds and professions.
  • The run symbolizes the resilience and unity born out of the nation's darkest hour.
  • Stephen's bravery and selflessness continue to inspire others.

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